Integration and Design: our strategy cornerstones

Software house business is the starting point to face the new market demands: Product experiences evolve into open platforms, basis for OEM solutions development, providing consultancy and co-engineering service of cutting edge solutions with high technical content for home automation, smart home and building automation, IoT for system integrators and end manufacturers.

Software Development

IoT has become the most recent step in internet evolution, extending itself to common objects and places, a process still in progress that concerns the ability of objects to have their own intelligence to communicate with each other and with the surrounding environment . A revolution that involves machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Thanks to a wide staff as for skills and background, we are able to provide IoT solutions either in the field hardware development either to multiplatform software applications interacting both locally and remotely via Cloud.

IoT Projects

Thanks to its team of programmers and developers, Omniabit can turn the customer concept into applications suitable for the reference environment and business and characterized by the relative sector (whether informative, playful, promotional) in line with the corporate image and user friendly, for the major operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Mobile and Web App


Consulting and co-engineering. Listening for needs, problem solving and developing the most responsive solutions according to the customer requirements or to integrate in a project, streamlining times and costs.

Today, the company evolves its business facing the latest trends, such as smart office and smart city, to convey all the gained know-how over the years to develop custom, flexible and modular solutions, such as KNX devices able to guarantee the interoperability via KNX international standard or other protocol (Z-Wave, Zigbee, HomeKit), ad hoc solutions or device drivers to integrate into third-party control systems.

Smart Home/Office/Building

In Omniabit, web design involves not only the graphic design and UI  - the user interface, its structure and key visual elements  (colors, fonts, layouts) but also UX - user experience - the most technical and programming part. We refer to usability, user-friendliness and interaction by creating site architecture, menus and other navigation tools in order to help the user to browse and search easily in the website and to enhance active user involvement.

Web Design creative

A search engine friendly website makes easier to rank well on search engine to gain visibility, popularity and authority. An effective SEO activity improves your rankings on search engines and makes you get more visitors and more conversions and sales. Our staff constantly updates its skill this evolving industry and can help your business to rank your website SEO friendly.

Marketing & SEO


Due to the partnership with multimedia technologies leading brands, our company has been able to extend its business, helping customers in the all decision-making process, by offering a wide range of services and integrating products with software solutions. The focus is the synergy between partner brand products with our software in order to provide customized and tailored products.

Our certification

Best Practice

Our experiences speak for us. Our first commitment is to provide solutions that will help you achieve your goals, thanks to our know how in consulting, design, development and integration. Read our best practice to understand the best solution suitable for you!

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